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***Sunday Morning Family Worship Service   10:30 AM

Sermon Broadcasted on "Facebook Live"
every Sunday morning during the 10:30 AM Service
(approx. at 11:10 AM) 
'Join us for coffee at 10:00 AM Preceeding the Morning Worship Service.
Come and join us and we enjoy getting together on the Lord's Day of the week!"
Contempory Christian Worship mixed with Hymns from our Christian Heritage
All children ages 4 through 6th grade are dismissed before the Pastor's sermon
for their Sunday School Class.  
If they attend Sunday School from age 4 through 6th grade
they will go through the entire Bible.
The children get to experience the beginning of the service -  
getting to know the hymns and songs of the faith and
also so that they can interact with the church family of all ages.  
Pastor Greg likes to know the children - this way they are not afraid to talk to him.  
All ages at Crossroads Bible Church enjoy being together as a body.
 We want the smallest member to feel part of the family at Crossroads.
***Evening Service, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month @ 6:30PM.
(also 4th Sunday night when it is a 5 Sunday month)
The First Sunday night of each month is "Family Movie Night"
Join us as we enjoy movies glorifying God and having refreshments together.  
During the other Sunday evenings:
A Bible Study at tables with notebooks provides us an exciting time in the Word -
learning what many of us have never learned in the past.
***Last Sunday of every month, special 12:00 PM short Family Bible Service,  
This service is approximately 20 minutes, once a month, to update us on different topics.  
How does current world politics fit in with the Bible?  
How is the evidence of Creation shown in our world in the small everyday ways around us.     
 (following the 10:30 AM Morning Worship Service),
followed immediately
by the monthly Covered Dish Fellowship at 12:30 PM.
This is a very special Sunday during the month.
Come and enjoy the good Word, good food and the company of good people!  
***7:00PM Pastor's Bible Study.
Covering various doctrines of the Bible. **Do you know and understand the basic foundations of the Word of God?
Do you know where you will be one minute after you die? What is your Spiritual Gift,
(which you received at the time you accepted the Lord as your Savior)?
Where exactly is Heaven and Hell located? These and many more questions are answered in the Pastor's Bible Study. Questions during the Bible Study are ENCOURAGED and we all enjoy the fellowship and learning that comes
with the interaction. But most of all- opening the "Word of God"
and hearing the true meaning of what it says. 
*Upon Completion of the required weeks of Bible Study - You will earn a "Bible Knowledge Certificate" 

 Join us upstairs at Crossroads Bible Church
for the above Adult Bible Study!
Bring your children along for the following
WEDNESDAY ministries, running at the same time as the Bible Study:
Our Preschool class is for ages 4, 5 and Kindergarten.
Come along as preschoolers learn Bible verses,
enjoy Quiet Times written for their age group,
crafts, games and learn about the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Led by: Debi Sheffer  
- Questions? Call Debi at 717-701-2631
Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me."
Our Olympian class is for 1st through 6th grades.
Come along as our Olympians enjoy memory verses,
quiet time, games, Christian service projects
and reading the word of God.  
Led by: Lori Shughart, Cindy St. Clair, Chuck Harber and Lorraine Myers
Philippians 3:14 is the Theme Verse for Olympians
"I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
"Come and be an "Olympian" for Jesus!  
***TEEN CLUB   7:00PM
Crossroads' Teen Club Youth Director is Craig and Becky Arnold!
Craig and Becky are planning Christian Service Activities, Getting into God's Word
Social Activities for the Teens this year.
Join the Teens on Wednesday night!
Ages - 7th Grade to Age 19
Meet at the church for fun and Christian fellowship.
Singing, Christian service projects, and Bible lessons. Special events during the year.

***means that nursery service is available for children to age 3 (Wednesdays).
***Coming Soon**


requested by the members of Crossroads Bible Church.
This Bible Study will be held on the 1st Thursday
of every month at 7:00 PM.  
Preceding the Bible Study at 6:45 PM will be a 15 minute period of PRAYER TIME
for a Specific ministry of the church.
The "Diggin Deeper" Bible Study is finished up on the Book of Revelation last November. 
We took a break from this Bible Study Time and be back with a new Bible Study on "Heaven"
 (Beginning Date to be announced)

You do not need to attend Crossroads Bible Church to come and join us!
Bring a loose leaf notebook to fill with your supplied notes.
For information on and for registration:
please call Pastor Greg at 717-448-1920.
***Ladies' Fellowship/Bible Study
7:00 PM
Join the Ladies' on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

All Ladies are "Welcome" to join the group in discussing and learning. We are enjoying the fellowship of one another and holding each other up in prayer during the month! Come and get to know us and find out how Christian Fellowship will enrich your life and make Life all the more easier when you have fellow believers in the Lord to share your burdens with during the month! We are striving for an honest relationship with each other and the Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone in the community is invited to the Bible Study held in the foyer by the front door of Crossroads Bible Church - need childcare? We presently are studying with Phil Tuttle from "Walk Through the Bible!"

Call Debi Sheffer at 717-701-2631
if you have any questions about the study or childcare during the Bible study. 
***20's and 30's***
Come and join our ministry, for ages 20's and 30's and their families
Enjoy fellowship, trips and activities while sharing in the Word of God.
Join us as we explore God's world!
"Growing In Grace" Ministry
for ages 40 to 100
Where would you like to go?
Ideas are Welcome as we explore the World!
Call Debi Sheffer with ideas and for more information